Fun Facts

Fun Facts about Donuts

  1. What has no beginning and no end and nothing in the middle?
    It is a DONUT!
  2. Seven days without a donut makes one weak.
  3. The weight of the average kitchen rolling pin is 0.48 pounds. he weight of the Sesame Donut stainless rolling pin is 3.6 pounds.
  4. The approximate size of the donut hole is 16/20 ".
  5. Scientific research shows that people who eat Sesame Donuts donut have a much higher I.Q. than those who eat of other brands.
  6. The average donut lover in the Portland and Beaverton areas consumes about 48 donuts per year.
  7. Bear claws are loved most by bears.
  8. Wisdom tells you to keep your eye on the donut and not on the donut hole.
  9. National Doughnut Day is the 1st Friday in June.
  10. The shape of a wedding band symbolizes eternal love, happiness and longevity. The shape of the donut also symbolizes eternal love, happiness and longevity. It is therefore most appropriate to give your sweethearts and love of your life donuts or donut cakes on birthdays, anniversaries and on Valentines Day.

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